Thanks to all who supported and attended
The 2019 Woodchuck Harvest.

We hope you all had a great time like we did. We felt like this years Harvest was a great success with a wonderful warm evening, 100 lovely people, yummy food and fantastic musical performances! Don't forgot to join our email list so we can keep you informed about Woodchuck 2020 and also check out this years event photos below.

Did you miss out on a shirt?

We heard many people wanted a shirt but missed out on the event pre-order. If there is enough interest in printing more, we’d love to help everyone get a shirt that wanted one. Just fill out the form below to add yourself to the list. The minimum quantity we need to order is 30 shirts, so tell everyone that you know was there (or wasn't) to sign up to buy a shirt. Or, outfit your kids like we did and this shouldn't be difficult to hit 30 shirts. Hopefully within a few weeks (Sept. 18th) we will have enough to put in the order. We will contact everyone as we know more.

• This year we offered a mens T-shirt (XS to 4XL), ladies fitted T-shirt (XS to 3XL), ladies fitted tank top (XS to 2XL) and kids T-shirt (XS to XL).

• All shirts are orange, cost $20 and have the same Woodchuck Harvest brown, white and orange print.

* The ladies shirts sizes seem to run smaller than the men’s do, so I would recommend ordering a size larger for both ladies shirts (unless you prefer a tighter fitting shirt.)

  • Please specify shirt style (mens, ladies tank etc.), size and quantities for each.
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  • If you need to contact us, please fill out this form and we will get back to you. Thanks!